Heroes of Clan Strachan

Heroes of Clan Strachan

Many today forget that the kilt was battle dress, which had its last operational use at Dunkirk in World War II (1940).

Ladies from Hell was a nickname coined by German newspapers during World War I, and adopted among the German troops on the Western Front to refer to the fierce kilted regiments of the British Army: the Gordon Highlanders (Aberdeen and the North East), the Black Watch (Perthshire and Fife), The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Argyll, Stirling and central Scotland); and The Seaforth Highlanders (Inverness and Morayshire).

There are over 200 Strachans (broadly defined) who gave their lives for King, country, and comrades while fighting in Scottish Regiments during World War I and World War II.

Names are always being added to the rolls, and in order to show proper respect and recognition, we are providing a direct hyperlink to the Scottish National War Memorial.

The Scottish National War Memorial is located within the walls of Edinburgh Castle. The stained glass windows of the Scottish National War Memorial were designed by Douglas Strachan, who is considered the single most significant Scottish designer of stained glass during the 20th century.  In fact, his largest commission was with the Scottish National War Memorial.