About Us & Board of Directors

About Us

Founded in 2005, the Clan Strachan Scottish Heritage Society (aka Clan Strachan Society) is a Federal Tax Exempt Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation, 501(c)3

The Society is organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. Specifically, the Corporation will promote the history, tradition, and heritage of the Scottish culture; encourage education, the collection and preservation of records, traditions and historical material related to the history of the Scottish culture wherever located; provide instruction on Genealogical research techniques; perform such charitable work as is compatible with the aims and objectives of the Society; to invest in any property worldwide that has relevance to the needs and objectives of the Society; and to engage in any other lawful activities.

In 2012, the Society became one of the few Scottish Clan organizations granted Arms by the Court of the Lord Lyon. The Armigerous Clan Strachan Society is therefore a worthy and deserving organization recognized by Her Majesty's Lord Lyon, King of Arms in Edinburgh.

Within the precedence of Clan Strachan, the Armigerous Society is further recognized by the Clan Strachan Constitution as the most important indeterminant cadet armiger, subordinate only to the Clan Chief and his immediate family; branch-chiefs (chieftains); and the Household of the Chief.

The Role of the Society within Clan Strachan is to act as liaison between the Clan Representor (Chief or Commander) including his Clan Council, and the various persons located throughout the world who fondly associate themselves with Clan Strachan (i.e., STRACHAN clanspeople). Further, the Society and our Board of Directors are charged with certain economic and financial matters of the Clan, which are compatible with the non-profit aims of the Society.

Absent a Chief of Clan Strachan, in accordance with Scottish clan culture and tradition, it is the primary responsibility of the Society to work towards identifying a new Commander (and subsequent Chief) of the family. To achieve this aim, the Society will work closely with the Court of the Lord Lyon to return honour and dignity to the Name of Strachan in accordance with Scots law.

Society Officers and Board of Directors Contact Information

Dennis Strawhun

Co-Founder & Convenor/Chairman
Corporate Officer & Director


Sarah Strawn-Mallett

Acting Vice President
Corporate Officer & Director


George Strachan

Corporate Officer & Director


Jim Strachan, MBA

Co-Founder & Treasurer
Corporate Officer & Director

+1 (951) 760-8575

Garry Strachan

UK Genealogist- Member AGRA
Subordinate Officer & Director


Dr. T. Martin Strahan

Y-DNA Project Administrator
Australia Regional Commissioner
Subordinate Officer & Director



Subordinate Officer & Director


Judy Strawn

Editor, Newsletter
Subordinate Officer & Director


Lindsay Strachan

Social Media
Non-Voting Subordinate Officer


Walter Strachan

Regional Commissioner,
Maritime Canada


Lloyd Strachan, PhD

Regional Commissioner,
Eastern-Central Canada


Ian Strachan

Regional Commissioner,
Western Canada & Director


Fiona Strachan

Regional Commissioner,
Scotland and UK


Mike Strawhun

Regional Commissioner,
Western USA


Jack Schlaeger

Regional Commissioner,
North Central USA


Melanie Strachan-Zimmerman

Regional Commissioner,
Eastern USA & Director


Steve Strawn

Regional Commissioner,
Northwest USA & Director